Offshore Financing

AD ASIA Group offers a brief introduction for offshore financing your businesses, we assist to manage your success business overseas. Whether you are interested in offshore financial or taxes saving tips. Our professional advisers present a strong financial solutions and bringing the business to the success path.

Real Estate Financing

Whether you are interested to acquire a real estate for investment or pension. We provides a truly global advice of real estate financing. Our superior services includes market trend advice and recommend a potential properties for investment and financial procedures in Thailand.

Executing cross-border fundraising can be headache and out of the control. "AD ASIA Group" and "Thailand-RealEstate" provide guidance both real estate investment trend, property search, and financing procedures. AD ASIA Group, the firm of choice with high profile, time-sensitivity, and alternative real estates for your investment decision.

Real Estate Investment Trust "REIT"

finanacial-adviceREIT stands for real estate investment trust and is sometimes called "real estate stock." REITs offer the benefit of owning real estate without having to be a landlord. Essentially, REITs are corporations that own and manage a portfolio of real estate properties and mortgages.

Investing in some types of REITs also provides the important advantages of liquidity and diversity. Unlike actual real estate property, these shares can be quickly and easily sold. And because you're investing in a portfolio of properties rather than a a single property, you face less financial risk.

As professional property investment firm, we can advice you tips for investing in REITs.

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